The So-called Love is A Serious Illness, and Your Illness will be Cured

When it comes to “broken love”, we always think of the pain and hard to let go. Every day after a breakup, we are tormented by the fond memories of those past loves.

We may even do things like:
frequently “snooping” on our ex’s social feeds
Contacting your ex late at night to get back together
Sending your ex a long essay

Falling lovelorn for a long time can also affect our own life and the path to the next intimate relationship. So, when we fall out of love, how do we get out of this pain correctly?

1. Allow yourself to release your emotions.

It’s normal to feel sadness, pain, grief, self-doubt, and other emotions that come with the loss of a relationship. Cry when you want to, don’t hide your emotions and try to let them out, then accept what is happening at the moment. You have to believe that loving someone is not that tiring, and being attracted to someone is a natural thing.

2. Stop denying reality and accept it.

People who have broken up can easily have the idea of denying reality. At this stage, your subconscious will cover up a lot of the negative aspects of your relationship, and all that comes to your mind is how good your other half was to you, his various good qualities, and the good times you had together. So you will always have a strong urge to go back to him. Now that you’ve broken up it’s only temporary, you could still be together. This is why many couples, invariably, break up and then make up.
But please give yourself more time, don’t let your subconscious deceive yourself, and only see the other person’s good. Please think about the reasons for your breakup. If the two of you reconcile again, will these be the reasons for your breakup in the future? Dig out your true thoughts and don’t be blinded by the good old days. Leaving someone will change your life, you will have more time, you will seem boring, and you will become a person. There’s nothing wrong with such a change if you’re clearly aware of what’s going on in your heart, just accept it.

3. Find yourself.

What does it mean to maintain emotional boundaries? It simply means keeping your focus on the other person to yourself.

Although love is indeed a two-person thing, the one thing we can do after a breakup is to take responsibility for ourselves. After a breakup, the most undesirable behavior is to refuse to move on yourself, always staying where you are, imagining that the other person will still be able to come back, and wasting your time for no reason.

Think about how much of your time you have to waste. How much time can you be allowed to waste on someone who is simply impossible?

The best way to get over someone is to shift your focus on them to yourself, whether it’s playing games, working hard, watching movies, or going out on trips, better yet, find what you’re most interested in but haven’t been doing and learn about it.

In time you’ll realize that exes? What’s an ex?


Breakups can leave you feeling sad and alone, no matter who decided to break up. It’s normal to cycle through all sorts of feelings after a breakup, especially if it’s unexpected.

Relationship experts say they say all heart wounds are healed over time, so take time to heal one day at a time. So if you want to get out of a broken relationship, give yourself more options and times. After all, if you don’t look forward, how do you know you won’t meet someone better?